Wayne J. Klein II

To Whom It May Concern:

In thinking about Tom Burke, the three words that come to mind are integrity, character and brilliance. I am in the Construction Industry and had been trying to receive payment from a customer for over 15 months. My lawyer at the time had yet to accomplish anything, so I finally made the decision to switch my representation. In under four months, Tom Burke was able to accomplish what no one else had been able to; he pushed the opposing council to avoid further delays, he kept the matter from going to court, he got us a very generous settlement, and he even went so far as to go to Kane County to pick up the check for us.

Without Tom, my company might never have received the money that it deserved. He was efficient, persistent and knowledgeable, and offered a level of service rarely seen anymore. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tom to anyone and hope that he realizes my level of gratitude towards him.

Wayne J. Klein II
Klein Construction