Terrence Buehler

Dear Sir or Madam:

Tom Burke has asked me to write him a letter of recommendation and I do so with great pleasure. Tom and I met as adversaries close to ten years ago. The litigation (a class action involving commodities) was long, contentious and involved a great deal of money. However, even with those stakes and under those circumstances, I developed a deep respect for Tom's legal abilities, his professionalism and his judgment. We became friends and colleagues.

Over the following years, I have referred cases to Tom that are within his area of expertise rather than mine (generally speaking, securities and commodities arbitrations) and my clients have been both well represented and satisfied with the results. Tom and I have collaborated on some class action cases together. I have even retained Tom in a matter to represent my interests and I would do so again. I give Tom very high marks for legal ability, judgment and results.

Very truly yours,
Terrence Buehler
Buehler Reed & Williams