Paul Balsamello

Dear Tom,

Hello! As I sit here thinking about the recent arbitration proceeding, I am struck anew by the how much your participation helped me. I don't know how to adequately express my gratitude.

In a day when gallantry is not even a word that often comes to mind, you were truly gallant in stepping in to represent me in less than two days before the arbitration hearing began! It is not only your willingness to do this for which I want to thank you; it is also the way you did it. I am still impressed by how quickly you absorbed all the information and the spirit of my case. It was a relief to hear you represent my story so competently and in the professional, level-headed manner that you exhibited.

I prefer not to consider what the two days might have looked like without you there - if they even would have lasted two days! Without your help, my case would not have been taken as seriously or given the consideration that I believe you have demanded of the arbitration panel. You adeptly responded to the opposing council and their witnesses, and you worked exceptionally well with our own expert witness. In a situation where you were inundated with new information from multiple sources all at once, I appreciate how you stayed engaged the entire time and on top of it all.

No matter what the outcome, I can say without hesitation that I am very satisfied and grateful for the way you represented me.

Thank you,

Paul Balsamello