Jeff Dean

To Whom It May Concern:

Thomas F. Burke was recommended to me by my new Financial Consultant when it became apparent that I had a potential securities arbitration case against myoId brokerage house, Merrill Lynch. After a preliminary phone conversation with Tom, I forwarded to him all of my financial records and a recounting of my experiences with Merrill Lynch, so that he could have the opportunity to review them and give me an honest assessment as to whether or not he felt there was cause for action against my former broker.

Never having been through something like this before, I was particularly pleased that Tom took the time to walk me through the applicable laws and discussed with me where he felt legal breaches in fiduciary responsibility had occurred; and why, therefore, he felt we had a case worthy of pursuing. I never felt he was trying to push me into pursuing a lawsuit. Rather, he just laid out the facts and walked me through all of the potential outcomes and their ramifications should we elect to pursue the matter, as a means in helping me to decide.

Once the decision was made to move forward, Tom was extremely energetic and organized; exploring the facts of the case, collecting all of the relevant materials, researching the relevant background of my "opponent" (e.g. other complaints against this specific broker) and recent case law that would pertain to the matter, as well as informally talking to his colleagues to solicit additional helpful opinion and relevant facts. Tom also interviewed and recommended a specific "expert witness" to assist us in the case, and worked with him to devise an appropriate strategy. Throughout this process, Tom consistently consulted with me to be sure I was on board and comfortable with his approach and how he was pursuing the case. Never once did I feel left in the dark or a means to someone else's end - Tom always took the time to explain what he was doing on my behalf, and why, and to make sure I was comfortable and in agreement.

When our "days in court" (arbitration) finally came, Tom again worked with me, explaining what I could expect from the process as well as from the other side, and continued to guide me through it all, while maintaining a highly ethical approach. Our arbitration took three days, and while it was obvious that the other side had hired "big corporate lawyers", I never once felt out-gunned. Tom presented our case consistently and coherently and, in my opinion, did a fine job. While the jury is still out (we've not yet heard the judgment), I can comfortably say I had my shot at a fair hearing, something I could not have done without Tom's guidance, leadership and skills.


Jeff Dean