Alan Polse

I would like to thank you for your excellent representation in a financial misrepresentation arbitration. I was verbally told that my broker would be my money manager. I had assumed all conversations were recorded when it dealt with stock purchases, but I was wrong! I knew no attorney that worked in this field; but I felt very fortunate to have found you and had you on my side. In addition, your expertise and knowledge worked tremendously to obtain a large amount of financial recovery.

Your expertise was second to none and at the final arguments you did not miss a point. Not only that, you were very easy to talk to about some misrepresentations dealing with financial decisions. I felt embarrassed and humiliated when the abuse happened; but your support and compassion really put me at ease and the stock broker was indicted and pled guilty. He no longer could work for that broker, the company was closed, he was punished, and he no longer can scam trusting people at least there.

Thanks again for a stellar job and I know I could have not been represented by anyone, anywhere, any better.

Eternally grateful,

Dr. Alan Polse